Menu Planning Week 1 Round Up

Great work to all who participated in the first week of meal planning for November. It was interesting to see how different people tackle the meal planning, and fit food to their lifestyle.

Links to meal plans if you haven't read them already are here:

  1. 365 and I Will be Debt Free Check out the great stories about each of her meals. Reading about spaghetti really made me want to cook spaghetti- and I hardly ever do cook it. Makes it sound fun.
  2. Gilded Butterfly Gilded Butterfly added a whole new tab to her blog where she is keeping track of recipes- check out the vegan chocolate cake recipe! I like how Gilded Butterfly as well as others made sure that there were some quick and easy ideas- for example Ramen noodles- in case of needing a meal in a hurry. Great idea when we are all busy.
  3. My Money and Politics Ms M&P found herself with an oddball assortment of food in her fridge to work with this last week- looking forward to her update on how she made out with meal planning because her meals sounded good (and not too weird).
  4. Nancy Zimmerman Nancy is working hard at eating healthier by eating at home more, which she says is a lifestyle change for her. She's found it means trying to remember to eat even during a busy day. Nancy posted a thoughtful summary on meal planning here.
  5. Running With Scissors. I love the free meals on the go through law school here- it is eating out but for free! Also inspiring that Strange Bird is losing weight because of meal planning and eating healthier.
  6. Sense to Save Sense to Save does an amazing job of tracking how much each meal costs her to make, and she includes some great looking recipes along with her plan.
  7. Vixen on a Budget Vixen works in a restaurant so many of her meals were planned around her work schedule and the fact that she gets meals while working. Her meals are inspiring that is for sure, and she posted later in the week she stuck to her plan all week!
  8. Clawing Our Way to Financial Health I managed to stick to the plan, but having my days flexible really helped. Then I was able to still eat what I felt like, but was assured that there were the groceries needed because I had planned ahead.

I think the best part of this challenge is that we are all looking at how we eat and trying hard to make changes. There have been slips this week but I am impressed that every time it happened the person vowed to move on and try harder. You all are great, and thanks for joining us on this challenge, I am enjoying immensely! Looking forward to new meal plans this week (Vixen already posted because she is on a Wednesday-Wednesday plan).


  1. gildedbutterfly said...
    Thanks for the shout-out. Let me know how the cake turns out for you. It's yummy, very chocolate. :)
    Ms. M&P said...
    Thanks too for the mention! Even though I didn't stick exactly to my planning schedule, it was in a good way! I had too much food for just one week so I was able to make it stretch a lot further than I originally thought. Such a nice surprise ;)

    Thanks so much for organizing this too--I needed it desperately!
    nancy (aka money coach) said...
    Crashed and burned, but back on the program.
    Oh man.
    So last Friday I was tuckered out, didn't have food in the fridge, had taken the dogs for a walk and realized I was Hungry for Lunch. Honestly, I didn't even THINK before I walked into a favourite coffee shop for their chicken-and-brie sandwich. It wasn't until I was going up my elevator that it dawned on me: I broke my own challenge of eating at home!
    The amazing part was it was all done without a second thought. And all the usual factors were at play:
    a toooo busy week
    an empty fridge
    waiting til I was in-the-moment hungry before thinking about meals
    not having my plan (I'm doing Thur to Thur).

    I was stunned by the experience, but back at it again. I'll post my next menus shortly.
    Having this online group really helps!

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