Meal Planning Monday

If any of you need some inspiration check out this section at I really like this site and use it often to look for recipes or ideas of what to cook.

Breakfast, during the week: toast with peanut butter or cereal and banana. I alternate.

Brunch on Saturday or Sunday: eggs, and toast

Lunches: I also alternate between soup and salads. I am going to make sure I buy enough soup this week to get through the whole week. When less busy I make soup, but this month is going to be filled with work.

Dinners (which are what I want to meal plan). I commit to these dinners, and will purchase sufficient groceries to make these. I will choose which to make from this list each night. It is a different way to meal plan, but this is the way I have found works best for me. Gives me flexibility depending on how much cooking I feel like doing.

  1. Fish tacos- corn tortillas, snapper, cabbage, salsa
  2. Chicken and potatoes- boneless, skinless chicken, small potatoes and cherry tomatoes, plus salad greens. This recipe is from Jamie Oliver- I really enjoy his show Jamie at Home on the Food Network.
  3. Sausages and salad.
  4. Nachos- with lots of veggies, always a nice quick meal.
  5. Roast chicken with roasted potatoes, and carrots.
  6. Thai pumpkin/squash soup made with coconut milk. Cornbread.
  7. Stir fry with rice and vegetables, including green beans.
Seems pretty straight forward for the shopping list. We had a lovely roast last night that Mr W cooked up and there are leftovers for sandwiches at lunch today. I guess I better make a list for when I head to the grocery store tonight (didn't get there yesterday).


  1. gildedbutterfly said...
    Looks like a great plan! I love how varied your meals are: Thai, Mexican, Chinese, American...I'm impressed! I usually only make 2-3 things and then just eat them nonstop for several days. Booooring!
    MamaMay said...
    Are you doing the Dave Ramsey plan? I kinda looks like you are, but I didn't see him mentioned.
    mariam said...
    Hi WW,

    Did you mention how long it takes you to plan this and I missed it? My worse fault is that I would come home starving so I wouldn't have the patience to defrost, prepare, etc.
    VixenOnABudget said...
    Looks good! I'm thinking I might go less regimented like you did for next week's meal plan.
    Wooly Woman said...
    Mariam this took about 30 mins to plan in all. Most of the meals I have made before, or variants of the meals at least. It took another 10 mins to make a grocery list- something I hardly ever do. And then about 30 mins at the grocery store with Mr W's help. The grocery list and plan was good though- it limited us buying things on impulse.
    Wooly Woman said...
    MamaMay, no we are no longer doing the David Ramsey Plan. We must pay off the loan from my parents by July so we are paying that off first, even though it is not the smallest or the highest interest. At that point we will switch to paying the loans with the highest interest (which surprisingly are no longer our credit cards!). We also are juggling some of our loans and taking advantage of low interest offers to reduce our overall interest payments. Thanks for the question!

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