November Goals

I realized later yesterday that we only overspent our budget by $50. Not great, but a huge improvement over September.

Goals for November:

  1. Put $50 each pay period into Savings, for a total of $100. Half of this will be for Christmas gifts.
  2. Stick to meal planning, and increase Christmas fund by $90 ($3 for every month of November I stick to the plan).
  3. Keep track of grocery spending each week on this blog so we don't blow the budget.
  4. Eat out a MAXIMUM of twice if and only if, it is to join family visitors.

Nancy left a comment in yesterday's post that she nearly blew the meal planning on Day 3 because she lost track of time while working. But a friend of hers brought her supper to their meeting and she was saved! Yay! That is really good news. It really is a new way of thinking about food for me too. Planning ahead is key and I am not always very good at that when it comes to meals.

I added the final two participants to the Meal Planning Blogroll who are eligible for the two prizes. Anyone can join after this point, but are just not eligible for the giveaways.

Good luck all, looking forward to reading all your weekly plans. I will post mine tomorrow morning.


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