Saved $$ even though I ate out!

This was the weekend where I expected I might eat out because of family visitors. And so I did twice, but amazing generous friends and family paid both times!

I can't say it was always healthy though. Friday night after a rigorous 1.5 hours of playing poker with my nephew (9) and niece (7) and their dad we all grabbed a quick bite to eat and A&W before going to see the Bee Movie. My brother in law paid for both movie and dinner and would not accept a dime from me. It was fun, the kids and I have a great time together, and the movie was funny. Amazing the animation that is being done these days!

Yesterday was a healthy lunch while I joined a friend thrift shopping. We went into Victoria to poke around in shops, thinking about Christmas craft time coming up. By noon we were both really hungry so we stopped at La Collina and both had sandwiches. Mine was chicken on focaccia, yummy. And she insisted on paying! I swear I don't look down and out, so it is just generosity.

And finally (it really is a weekend eating out) my parents and Grandma are coming up for a visit and are taking me out to lunch today (Grandma's paying). Oh I truly am lucky yes?

Otherwise the meal planning has gone really well. I did a big shop on Monday, a small veggie run mid week and I have had enough food to eat dinner and lunch and breakfast at home as planned. New meal plan tomorrow.

Groceries purchased this month: $147

Money saved on meal planning (and generous friends and family): $33


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