Night out without baby

Last night Mr W and I went out for a few hours and left Wooly Baby with his grandparents. It was our first night out by ourselves since WB was born. The occasion was our 3rd wedding anniversary and we enjoyed a meal out and a chance to catch up on our time as a couple. And WB was an angel with his grandparents! Apparently he quite contentedly ate dinner with them sitting in his rocker chair on the table, allowed himself to be cuddled by their friends who came for a baby visit, and sat quietly with them after the friends left. He wouldn't sleep until we came home and I gave him a little cuddle, but that is fine, he did amazingly well. It is a relief to know I can head out without worrying!

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  1. Jerry said...
    There is NOTHING like the emotional insurance of having caregivers who love your kid and are also reliable! Good grandparents are awesome like that, and they make all the difference. It leads to peace of mind on those times when you are going out without the little one.

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