Budget confessions

We are NOT doing well with our new reduced budget. It sucks actually, how poorly we are doing. Since the baby has been born we have so bad at buying take out coffees (at least $7 a visit), baby stuff, take out meals or meals out, and things for ourselves like clothes (me), and items like kitchen stuff (Mr W). To top it all off, we have been spending more on gas than ever before since we drive a lot when the baby is fussy. And I didn't budget for diapers, wipes, or baby formula. What was I thinking?

To be honest, it shouldn't be surprising. Unless we are vigilant at watching our finances, our problem is that we spend without thinking much about it. Now that our attention suddenly has been diverted wholly to caring for this new person in our life, we just have lapsed into some of our old habits. Money watching for us is necessary, and a chore, something that must be worked at. And when we take a break from this job, things start looking pretty nasty once again. And since I am the primary money watcher AND primary baby feeder it is no wonder things have gone awry.

I just looked at our debt numbers for August, and our debt actually increased for the first time in over a year. Sheeeiiiiittt. Ok, now I have noticed the problem, we need to start addressing it.


  1. Mr. Cheap said...
    I think half the battle is keeping an eye on the numbers, so good for you that you've realized its getting out-of-control again.

    I've recently been eating REALLY badly, and my weight is creeping up. I've caught myself and am trying to correct it though: awareness is the first step to making a change.
    nancy (aka money coach) said...
    Hey there - wearing my 'coaching' hat for a brief second - lapses are all a part of the long term process of change. If ever there's a time when a lapse is entirely understandable, it would be when your life has been turned (wonderfully) upside down with a new baby boy. Don't worry. You know what to do to get back on track (and this is the voice of experience - I'm a money coach not because I'm amazing with money, but because I'm naturally lousy with it, and have learned the tips and tricks to keep it together! - and that includes periodic falls off the wagon)
    Jerry said...
    Keeping an eye on it leads to more conscious decisions... and boy, can it be tough to keep within budget with a new baby! Good luck - just remember that others have done it, as well, so you can have some insurance that it can be done!
    Cassie said...
    I know it's stressful but you have to pick yourself up and keep plugging away at that debt. You can do it!
    JW said...
    I can relate to your frustrations. We have only been budgeting for a little over 19 mos. and we still encounter obstacles. Don't give up!

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