Life with baby is certainly hard, but to me it is like being retired- getting to forget about work (for awhile) and doing something I absolutely LOVE to do. I realized the other day I have always wanted a child, it just took 35 years before I fulfilled that dream. I don't think I have wanted anything else for as long. I certainly never imagined that I would get a PhD, and forestry was something that I stumbled into, not something I had dreamed of doing (even though I enjoy it). So here I am having the time of my life! And the brilliant thing is that Mr W has been home having as much fun during this baby retirement as I am.

I was reading Sydney's blog about retirement the other day and she says she can only plan two things to do each day. I agree, but one of those things for me is baby, so I end up only being able to plan one thing each day :) This often includes the dog walk, depending on how vigorous the walk is. Some of the activities this week were: hike, thrift store shopping, lunch with my parents, visit from my cousin, and, today, our first Mom's group at the women's health centre. I find my days filling up magically each week, with so little time that the household chores are getting neglected (which is a good thing in my mind).

But ahhh, all baby retirements come to an end. To be honest, I have been working a few hours each week. A client contacted me two weeks ago asking if I could possibly do some GIS work for him. Since he was willing to be flexible, is a good client, and pays well I figured I would attempt some maps for him. So far so good, I don't work more than 6-7 hours a week, and I can fit an hour or two first thing in the morning between feeds when the baby is happiest. We usually have a morning feed, some playtime, and then he naps. Even if he doesn't nap he entertains himself well during this time and I keep him close so we can interact.

And then there is Mr W's work. He may go to Alberta to weld for September. One of the oil refineries is having its annual shutdown for maintenance and they are calling for 3000 welders and pipefitters next month. This could mean very good money, so much so we would be able to relax about money for the rest of the year, and take on forestry contracts as we felt able. Trouble is him being away for a month and since he will be in camp it is not possible for the baby and I to go visit. He would come home on his breaks, but in all liklihood he will be working up to 18 days at a time. So we will miss him and he will miss us a lot! It will be a tough decision for Mr W to make, I think we will play it by ear.

Still in my pjs, better get going to get ready for Mom's group :):)


  1. Retired Syd said...
    I would be very proud, indeed, if I were you and I managed to accomplish 2 things ON TOP of baby things! I would think that counts as two things already, and the rest is totally extra credit!
    louise said...
    it's a busy time when babies are young, it's great that you can fit in a little bit of work and have that flexibility. I was thinking that I usually managed to do just two things when mine were the same age, sleep and breastfeed!
    nice to hear that you are all going well :)

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