My kind of accountant

Although my taxes have been done for over a month now I have delayed filing until I had a chance to talk to an accountant. I have done our business taxes in the past, but since we are paying more tax now than we have in previous years (more income = more taxes it seems) I wanted to make sure I had maximized our cost savings.

Today I found time to phone a local accountant. I don't know him, I just randomly picked his business after checking his web page (which was simple but straightforward). What luck! He phoned me this evening and spent a good 30 mins going over my many questions for free. He said he could book and appointment and go over the entire return with me but felt that since I had done it before it wouldn't be much use, and said he was happy to answer my questions right then and there.

How nice is that? Very nice, but also good business practice because if I ever do need more help, of course I will go to him!


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