Another loan bites the dust

It took a few days to sink in, but we made our last payment to my parents on Sunday, so we now have one less loan! Yay!!! I checked the bank account I make that payment out of every month and I realized that this payment ($500/month) is now finished.

We paid off this loan 3 months prior to when they asked us to (July 2008). The loan of $10,230 was to help us purchase our home and appliances, and was given to us interest free in July 2006.

The extra money we now will have each month will help us to finish paying off another loan of mine by June of this year.

Such a small thing, but I feel a little bit lighter today :)


  1. Debt Dieter said...
    That's so great! It must be a nice feeling to know you've paid them back, and early too!
    SheGazelle said...
    What a great feeling that must be. I'm looking forward to the same experience someday!
    Esme said...
    Congrats! Good on you :)
    Canadian Saver said...
    Congratulations on the payoff :-)
    nancy (aka money coach) said...
    I've been diverted from the blogosphere recently, and only read this today. High fives, virtually! I'm impressed, and happy for you, once again.
    centsprout said...
    Hurrah! That status bar looks awesome maxed out!
    Ugly Debty said...

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