I'm tired

Usually in the morning I am pretty good about getting out of bed and starting work. I have a cup of tea and toast and get right to work. Not this morning. I slept in and my motivation is zilch.

I wish I could just quit work now. Who knows what I would do, in all likelihood I would be bored within a few weeks and then obsess over when the baby will arrive :) Maybe I just need a few extra days off to recharge and think about cutting back.

In that frame of mind I checked and as long as I earned $5,000 in the next three months (no problem) I will have saved enough through work to equal the employment insurance payments I would have received for maternity leave if I were not self employed ($1,500/month). Not bad, of course more $$ is better, but that is why I am tired, I have been working almost non stop for 2 months, including weekends.

This weekend we are getting a free freezer from friend's of my parents. I am looking forward to being able to freeze more fruit and veggies than I did last year. Our fridge freezer was packed full by the end of the summer and I had no more room for home canned peaches either. The fruit is getting lower slowly, but I am impressed how buying bulk local fruit and spending no more than half an hour really benefited us over the winter. We still bought apples (usually local or at least BC apples) and some citrus (I eat a grapefruit almost every day, this baby loves tart things) but not much else.

So next task (this is what I would do if I had more time!) is to expand the vegetable garden a bit and get it ready for planting. Still a bit cold here, but there is much garden work to do.


  1. Chocoholic said...
    Wow, I just read this and all I can say is, you are lucky to even ahve that option. Here in the US, we don't have that. Most places don't even offer maternity pay so the person has to take vacation or sick pay or file for short term disability, if their employer offers it.
    Canadian Saver said...
    I hope you can hang in there until the baby gets closer to being born! Are you taking a full year?

    Freezers, big ones, rock! I have my parents' hand-me-down too and it is awesome... so big and almost always full cuz I can stock up with goodies, I don't have to worry about lack of space.

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