Check it out what those brainiacs (sp?) over at Four Pillars announced today. They are planning on setting up an amalgamated blog for Canadian personal finance writers, and this blog is honoured to be included with these heavy hitters (their content is much more intellectual than my weekly ramblings here).

The idea is pretty cool - readers will be able to filter the content on the page to read blogs with a certain theme, for example investing or debt reduction, or by your favourite bloggers. Mr Cheap is a self proclaimed computer nerd and I am sure he is busy programming away. What a great idea though to make it interactive!

Stayed tuned for more details....

UPDATE: Ok so I was totally taken in by this April Fool's joke by Four Pillars. I believed it completely :)) Good work guys. I won't take back all the nice things I said about you. Or at least I won't write down the curses I made when I finally figured it out. Oh and I may resubscribe to your blog. One day. hahahahaha


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