Last childbirth class

Last night we had our final childbirth class. A few weeks ago, early into the class, I was a bit anxious about how much we had spent on the class ($395) versus how much we were getting out of it. The second and third classes, while valuable, talked a lot more about prenatal issues than I had hoped- nutrition, exercise, and bonding with baby in the womb. I had done so much research early on in pregnancy, as I think had the other mom taking the class with us, that it was redundant.

But the last three classes where we have discussed labour, birth, and then the first few weeks postpartum have been great. We have been able to ask lots of questions, see videos of women during labour, and overall gain confidence that we will be able meet that transition into new parenthood! Of course the joke is we have to choice now- there IS only one outcome of this whole pregnancy thing.

One of my buddies and neighbours is due to give birth any day now, how exciting. To relieve mental pressure we are trying to act "normal" which is what is recommended. So off to have a our regular Sat. morning cup of coffee and chat like any other week.


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