House alarms Part II

I can't believe it, the alarm salesman just called again! I didn't answer but he left a message for Mr W to call him "to arrange a time to install the house alarm." I called back and was less than polite, reminding him I already told him no, and that if we changed our minds we would call him not the other way round. He gave me some BS about us being in the computer and having a signed contract. I told him to remove us from the computer we wouldn't be buying an alarm system from him!!

Ok, having said all this, does anyone have a house alarm? I mentioned previously I am reluctant to get one, and instead believe in the power of my two dogs to deter the bad guys, especially the rottie/akita/shepherd mix (who is such a sweety really but they wouldn't know that and she does bark when someone unexpectedly approaches the house). However, we do live in a slightly sketchy neighbourhood, but nothing compared to areas in big cities like Nancy lives in. And recently two men just disappeared from our neighbourhood, seemingly normal men with families. Weird!

But it leaves me thinking of alarms, although not from Levi the annoying alarm sales guy, but still. I wonder. Interested in any feedback or experiences people have had with alarm systems. Thanks!


  1. Stephanie said...
    We have no house alarm. We live in a city of 250,000 although it is a decent (not fabulous) neighborhood. Personally I think the alarm would be a waste.
    Sharon said...
    I wouldn't buy an alarm system from a dealer and pay for the monthly monitoring system. If you do feel the need for an alarm. I remember a friend of mine, bought a kind of do-it-yourself alarm. It attached to windows and doors and if the alarm went off it would signal to call her cell phone/neighbors so that she could call the police. She paid the one-time purchase price, but did not have the monthly service fees that most people have.
    Canadian Saver said...
    He certainly is persistent!! I can't believe he said you have a signed contract!!

    I'd do research on reputable companies if you really want an alarm. I'd call them, not just go with anyone selling the service door-to-door. I always wonder if they aren't just spying on the house to see what's in it when they come to try and sell something.
    Frog of Finance said...
    In our case, having an alarm system was becoming a necessity. You see, our house was broken into *twice*, the second time exactly a year apart after the first.

    Filing for a theft with our insurance company was a huge pain the first time, and we had to get the front door replaced. Some personal, irreplaceable items were also stolen, and I'm still angry when I think of it.

    Second time was minor (some DVDs and a broken window). We didn't file a claim (as the deductible was higher than the value of the stolen items), but this convinced us that we needed an alarm system, if only for the determent value.

    We had to pay for the system (about $900), but the monthly fees to be linked to a central are completely covered by the insurance premium reduction.

    alarms said...
    This offers a level of protection that can't be matched by traditional systems.

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