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Two days ago, in the middle of the work day (Mr W and I are both working from home right now) someone came to our door from a house alarm company. Mr W answered because I was on the phone with a client. The man at the door was there to give us a deal- today only we could get free installation of a house alarm. We would pay nothing at all, unless we activated the system. The catch was that he wanted a $100 cheque right then and there to cover the activation fee in the event we decided we wanted to activate.

It was too bad Mr W answered the door, because I would have said no outright and closed the door; I don't like being solicited in this manner by sales people, especially when I am working. But Mr W and I don't agree on whether we should have an alarm or not- he thinks yes, I think no since we have two big dogs and I rarely feel insecure (touch wood).

Anyway, Mr W filled out the forms, gave the guy a whole bunch of personal info (don't even get me started on what a scam this could be for identity theft) and then came in to tell me we needed a $100 cheque. Well the buck stopped there. I said that it is fine for us to think about it but there was NO WAY we were going to hand over any money or cheques to this person. He could provide us the information and we would get back to him.

Mr W went back to the door and told the guy no, who of course promptly waived the activation fee trying to convince us to buy into his 3 year monitoring plan right then and there. The monthly fee would be $31 but we would be locked into a 3 year contract (sounds like a cell phone). Mr W and I have since talked about it, and we agree we can't afford additional monthly payments right now when we are expecting a baby and less income in the coming months.

However, it goes on. Mr W is out on a course this week and the guy from the alarm company just phoned "to find out if today is a good day to come and install the alarm." I said no it wasn't since we had not asked to have an alarm installed, but that if we changed our minds we would get back to him.

I cannot say it enough- I HATE this kind of sales tactic. Even if I want a product I would refuse to buy it in this manner, it is too intrusive and deceptive. But I guess we all have to make a living somehow... I am glad mine isn't in alarm installation.


  1. Ms. M&P said...
    Hi Wooly Woman--I tagged you for a meme ;)

    I thought that door to door sales days were over. That's very strange. I agree--I hate the bullying sales tactics. I hope you can get off their call list.
    Mrs. Micah said...
    Have you read the post at GRS about door-to-door sales? I think he had some good advice about how to handle dealing with them.

    He basically won't buy anything from people who approach him first. Gives him a chance to properly evaluate pricing, need, etc.
    nancy (aka money coach) said...
    Brutal! And besides, I'm with you - I watched this documentary years ago, which interviewed a bunch of B&E people in jail. By a looooong shot, they said the best deterrent is a dog. Too much hassle to bother with. So not only are dogs our best friends, they really do protect places too.

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