Update on STL Challenge

Hope you all had a nice weekend. Mine went by so fast! Yesterday Mr W and I took a first aid class for young children and infants. It was interesting, and I am glad I learned about how to help an infant who is choking or is in cardiac arrest. Young children are treated very much like adults when it comes to CPR or choking, which I also didn't know.

Update on donations to SOS Children's Villages. First, I have to apologize for being overzealous on Four Pillars donation, Mike was honest and reminded me it was $20, not $50 from him and Mr Cheap. Thanks for the donation! Chitowngirl also donated $35 last week, and Nancy finished her no Starbucks challenge for a week and donated $25 on the weekend. Total to date is $240.

My goal is still to try and double this amount by the end of the month, so please help with however much you can before then!

I am going to challenge the following people this week (but anyone can donate even if they are not on this list!!!) to see if they can find some extra change for the Challenge:
My Money and Politics

Give Me Back My Five Bucks


  1. Four Pillars said...
    Thanks for the link and good luck with the challenge!

    Ms. M&P said...
    Hey Wooly Woman--Thanks for thinking of me. I wanted to email you a couple of questions about the challenge, but couldn't find your email address...if you could shoot an email to moneyandpolitics [at] gmail dot com, so I can contact you, that would be great!
    Canadian Saver said...
    I'll be making a donation at the end of the month. Most of my giving already goes towards 1 or 2 organizations though.

    I've tagged you on my blog, if you are interested.
    Dimples said...
    Uh oh.....what did I do?

    Ummm I haven't been keeping up on this. What does this challenge entail? Email me at dimplesdivine at gmail dot com.

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