Costs for the babe

We are starting to think about prenatal classes to make sure we get enrolled in one soon. Turns out this is a cost I had not factored in! The class we have chosen is 6 weeks and will cost us $395. It is not the cheapest class available, but it is tax deductible. The options include free classes available at a drop in centre, classes for 6 weeks focussing on just baby care for $295, or the classes we chose which focus on baby care AND childbirth techniques.

The teacher and classes were highly recommended to me and so have decided to go the more expensive route for one main reason: this instructor teaches about having a childbirth without fear, as well as pain reduction techniques (this is not offered in other classes). Whether we decide to have a home or hospital birth this class will give us more information to help us make the best decisions for us.

I guess this is one expense we will just suck up :) somehow.

As for other items: crib, stroller, clothes, toys, etc the in-laws have us covered for the most part- we just have to go for a road trip at Easter with a trailer and pick it all up. The only we know for sure they aren't giving us is a car seat which will pick up on consignment ($65) (and watch expiry dates) or at Costco ($150).

And my Dad is actually making us a special little cradle which I am so pleased about.

I am going garage saling with a friend this morning and will keep my eye out for a dresser I can double as a change table too.

As for diapers a friend is providing all infant diapers and we have decided to go for the cheaper prefold diapers which fit inside a shell. Apparently I can even get these at Walmart if I can't find them at consignment, but I haven't priced them out yet. No rush here yet since we will be ok with the infant diapers for the first bit.


  1. Four Pillars said...
    Ahhhh....good times!

    I really thought the prenatal classes were a complete waste of time and money. I'd be interested to hear your opinion after you have the baby.

    I didn't realize that it was tax-deductible - guess we missed out on that one.

    Mrs. Micah said...
    From what I've heard, the childbirth part is particularly valuable for first-time moms.

    And honestly, I could use a refresher on things like diapers. It would be nice to learn how to swaddle too.

    If we work with a midwife (in the hypothetical future), then we might just have a few sessions with her about all that.
    Anonymous said...
    Be sure to check out for deals on 2nd hand cloth diapers. The site is a little overwhelming at first, but after a while you get the hang of it. Cloth saves us tons of money, so good luck! :)
    Free From Broke said...
    You might want to check with your local hospital. Our OB's hospital offered free classes.

    If you haven't read it yet pick up a copy of What to Expect When Expecting. The book is a great resource! They also have What to Expect the First Year.

    We didn't bother with a changing table. We got a changing pad and put it on the bed. Out little guy jumps around a lot so I could see a table as being a bit unsafe.

    @Mrs Micah - We learned to swaddle from one of the nurses at the hospital. She also made me change/taught me tochange one of the little guy's diapers (so much for making my wife change them all).

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