Sometimes the universe hears you...

The garage sales yesterday were a tremendous success at finding what I needed without spending a dime. How great is that?

We only had two to go to, but on the drive to the second my (also pregnant) friend and I were discussing what we needed for our babies still. I, as I mentioned yesterday, was on the lookout for a dresser/baby change table. But I said I didn't expect to find one since it seems when I go looking for things second hand I can never find them. Well I was wrong!

We parked and walked up to the second garage sale and immediately spotted a baby change table/dresser set combo! Just as we were eyeing it up the sellers greeted us and said hopefully "You wouldn't happen to need a free changing table would you?" My friend and I just started laughing, and I said "Actually yes and free is definitely the right price!"

We called Mr W who came with our little truck to pick it up. I am just so pleased. It needs sanding and painting, but wow, I couldn't have asked for more.

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  1. Mrs. Micah said...
    That's great! The combo will definitely save space...there's no point in having a freestanding changing table.

    Btw, consider a changing mat. I don't have a baby, but our friends have a baby and a changing mat and it's so portable. They changed the baby on our floor in two seconds flat (it seemed). Great investment.

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