UFile is my friend

Last year I filed my taxes online, including my business taxes, with Quicktax online. This year I started using this program but was getting very frustrated with the interface, so decided to try out UFile as well.

Here are the reasons I prefer UFile now:
1. UFile costs $23 to file, while Quicktax (with a discount coupon) would have cost $68 to file.
2. UFile has a much easier to use interface which allows you to move back and forth throughout the tax claim very easily, whereas Quicktax was slow, cumbersome, and made you navigate one page at a time backwards.
3. UFile's filing system is much more transparent, allowing you to see exactly where you are in the process at any time by looking on a detailed sidebar menu. With Quicktax I always felt lost in its internal bowels, never sure where I was going, or what was next.
4. The business portion of UFile (which Quicktax now makes you pay more for) is VERY CLEAR, and, another huge advantage over Quicktax, automatically calculated Mr W's partnership share without having to enter the same information twice.

One downside to UFile: I had to tweak one of the calculations for business to have it calculate correctly. It was calculating an expense in my favour, but was incorrect.

One plus to Quicktax: I liked the RRSP optimizer which allows you to see the benefits of purchasing more RRSPs on your tax savings. It also has a really pretty look to it. But both those points are really just eye candy.

If you like bling then Quicktax may be for you, but if doing your taxes just needs to be easy and not pretty, try out UFile.


  1. nancy (aka money coach) said...
    wow - I'm a money coach, and even I am not on the ball enough to have done my taxes already. I'm impressed! (and still recovering from RRSP season which is crazy for those of us the in money industry)
    Italo said...
    A couple of comments:

    I have used ufile from some years now, it also has a RRSP optimizer. Kinda hidden, but it is there.

    This year I found StudioTax, which is free (including Netfile). I was sceptic at the beginning and I run my taxes both in ufile (ufile allows you to do all calculations without paying) and studiotax, results? I got 1 cent more in my refund and 1 cent less in my wife's. Netfiled using studiotax last sunday and waiting for my refund.

    Frog of Finance said...
    Unfortunately, StudioTax doesn't file the Quebec provincial tax report. SO I was unable to use it.

    I may give UFile a shot this year.

    Aldo said...
    I've used Ufile online for the last 2 or 3 years. My brother-in-law bought me the Windows edition for my birthday this year so I'm going to use that.

    One thing that stinks though is that you cannot import your previous year's file, that is, there is no provision to import the online data (even though you have saved it to a physical file) into the Windows version. :-(
    Anonymous said...
    Ufile is easy and if you spend a few minutes searching online, you can find a coupon that hasn't expired to get you another $5 BUCK OFF:

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