Save money in November

Save yourself some money in November and join us for Meal Planning Month.

Inspired by many too many nights of eating out, and feeling tired of not eating healthy enough, the goal of Meal Planning Month is to inspire us all to plan ahead for dinners at home, and maybe put some money back in our pockets for Christmas $$!

Once a week- I am thinking on Monday would be best- each person would simply post what they are planning for the week's meals. If you are willing to share your grocery budget, and how much you actually spend at the grocery store that week, all the better! I hope we all get some new ideas as well, because I know sometimes I get bored of the usual.

At the end of the week it would also be good to tell us all how you did! No pressure, if you ate out one of the days that's ok, we are just all trying to eat home more than usual.

I have started a blogroll of participants, so please let me know if you would like to join. The first Meal Planning Monday on this blog will be Nov. 5.


  1. gildedbutterfly said...
    What a fantastic idea!!! I'm in! :)
    nancy (aka money coach) said...
    Looking forward to getting started on this, on Thursday. In addition to the saving-money aspect, I'm also looking forward to eating more Health-ily. Ugh - I can hardly bear to think of what I've been putting into my body over the past few months, mostly due to eating-on-the-fly habits.

    So today I'm starting to plan out my recipes, and figure out when I'll shop etc. It's like managing money - it feels really good to be thoughtful, strategic, and have goals.

    Also, my $25 Safeway (or Choices if there's one in the winner's city) gift-card to one person who both participates, keeps to the plan for the whole month, and posts at least once/week on either your blog, or mine, is still on the table :)
    Raul said...
    I learned about this from Nancy's blog. Can I still be in the challenge if I invite out one of my best friends for dinner? (it's his birthday and I kind of want to do it for him since he did it for me a month ago).
    Kristina said...
    I am in... after just realizing that Christmas is only 2 months away and I havent planned anything, this will be a great way for me to stay out of the grocery and restaurants and save some much needed $$$. Good thinking!
    SavingDiva said...
    Good luck with your meal planning!
    last in line said...
    May I join too? I was just summing up how much I spent in October and I almost fainted.
    Strange Bird said...
    Just saw this, and I'd like to join! I need a little more accountability in my food budget. :)
    Ms. M&P said...
    Were you reading my mind? I'll join if it's not too late! I desperately need to plan this month!

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