I miss my dogs!

It is so strange to be home without my two dogs following me around. Mr W has them with him up north, and it is strange to be home and not have them here. Usually my whole routine centres on the dogs: as soon as I get up they go out, after the coffee is made they get their breakfast, after that it is a series of in and outs and in and outs until walk time (which means starting a 4 they started pacing waiting for me to stop working), after the walk is dinner, and then lots of cuddles before bed. What am I to do with all this spare time? A friend came by with her dog this afternoon and we went on a dog walk so I would still get my exercise J We are having lovely sunny weather right now, so very nice out with the leaves turning. And I have quite the collection of squash and pumpkins now sitting on the porch waiting to be carved when I get back from my trip up north (unfortunately to a different town than Mr W and dogs!) next week on Hallowe'en.


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