Bloody expensive cell phones

Our cell phone budget is $70. Prior to the past 2 months we had been managing to stay within budget. But then we both started travelling, and groan... the bills have more than doubled because of overage fees! November's bill is $166! As work picks up I am finding that when I am away from home I am still working on other non-field related projects, and using my cell to do business.

But this is money that should be going towards debt and Christmas savings. I need to look into other plans. My other thought recently was that I should buy a headset so I can use Skype when I am away because most places have internet now, and cell coverage is still pretty crappy. Any thoughts? Anyone use Skype with any success regularly?

If I do that then I also may need to be more vigilant and not answering my phone when it is convenient, and wait until I can get to the computer. I should in general, let the cell go to message, and then listen to the message to determine whether or not it requires answering.


  1. JW said...
    I'm still trying to remember how we did it without a cell phone.

    It is amazing how the marketing gurus have managed to make us think it is a necessity to have.
    Anonymous said...
    I use skype almost daily, I have no landline and rarely use a cellphone for anything other than texting and emergencies. I've been using skype for about 4 years and only once have I had a problem, their service was down for about 36-48 hours a few months ago, we all got extra credit to make up for it though. You can pick up a pretty reasonable headset for about $20 in f*t*reshop.
    krystalatwork said...
    Yikes, $166 is a huge phone bill!!

    I've never used Skype before, but when I was living away from home, I just bought a headset and chatted to my friends/family through MSN or AIM. I could also use my webcam which was cool. It was a pain not to be able just to pick up a phone and make a call, but I got used to it after a while.
    SavingDiva said...
    I have a few friends that use Skype. They're foreign, so calls home are expensive. They're really happy with the service...

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