Meal Planning

Nancy suggested that perhaps we should all meal plan together. I like it! Meal plan, and save us some grocery money. For inspiration, check out Dimples' post on how she spends only $120 a month on groceries. Wow, I can't imagine (which means I probably should try and imagine how to do this here).

I am away on and off in the next few weeks, but I am going to suggest that November be Meal Planning Month. The idea will be that every Monday we all post our week's meal plans AND anticipated budget. We can therefore swap ideas and see how others do it. Any thoughts? I will keep reminding you closer towards November, and please pass this on, see how many meal planners we can get involved.


  1. nancy (aka money coach) said...
    I'm in for sure! And I think a fair number of my other readers will be in too. Thanks for spurring this on! If I'm really organized, I may even set up a forum where we can post plans and results each week, if you like :)
    Louise said...
    I am hopeless at meal planning. I just decide when it's time to eat. I need to start doing this thanks for the reminder.

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