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Mike at Four Pillars asked a few days ago what the time frame was in which we reduced our debt from $96,640 to $84,246 and the answer is 7 months. I guess that is not too shabby- about $12k in 7 months. We started paying down the debt in late February/March and made some initial great headway. Things have plateaued at the moment, but with the nature of our work, I believe we will be able to pay it down faster in the future.

I joined A Women's Personal Finance Network yesterday. Check it out, and join if you are a female PF blogger. I have joined PFblogs.org, but otherwise am not involved in any other networks so I am interested to see how this works, especially at start up.


  1. FourPillars said...
    Thanks for the link.

    Seven months is pretty impressive - makes me feel better about your debt!

    mariam said...
    Interesting about the women's personal finance network thing. I never considered targeting myself to a female blog network even though I wrote a piece about it. Then I started to get organic hits from google so I tweaked my blog description but that was it. I'm always dumbfounded what people search for and somehow find me.

    I'll check the women's network out. Thanks for the tip!

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