Which courses would you take if only they were offered? This is a question going round the blogs and I was tagged by Miriam.

1. Course # 1 How to live your life with less financial worry. I woke up this morning stressed about money in general. I need to have it mentally worked out several months in advance since I am continually asking "Where is the next paycheque coming from?" And more importantly: "When?" Funny enough my weekly horoscope said this: ...long term planning about your financial obligations looks solid.
The course I am talking about would therefore be how to live a less stressful life, even when you are in debt.
2. Course # 2 Easy, healthy meals on a budget. I am always looking for new ideas and inspirations for meals which are healthy, include a lot of veggies, easy, and of course, tasty.
3. Course # 3 Investing 101. I am sure this is offered somewhere, but it is one I would like to take to learn more about the investing lingo, as well as how to start investing on your own wisely.
4. Course # 4 Managing cash flow and debt for small business. This course would be a great way for me to find out how other small businesses (I mean those with 1-2 people) manage their business finances. Quite often my personal and business finances are intertwined, and I sometimes think I am flying by the seat of my pants when it comes to business finances :) I havesome bookkeeping and accounting skills, it is the day to day requirements of cash flow I am still learning about!
5. Course # 5 (not finance related) Making your own wine. I would love to learn how to make wine starting from crushing grapes, all the way through to bottling, from a winemaker at one of the local wineries. Fun!

I am going to tag: Mr. Cheap, Dimples, SavingDiva, dreamy1, and a new (to me) Canadian blogger I just found via wpersonalfinance Fabulously Broke in the City.


  1. nancy (aka money coach) said...
    Hey there - regarding the investing 101 -- about 12 years ago I started an investment club with 10 women, and it has been the best experience of my financial life. I've since left the group (extremely amicably; the original commitment had been for 5 years) but I sure know how to invest on my own now! And honest to goodness have never made less than 20% in any given year. If you're in Vancouver (?) another club that I got of the ground last year (but am not a member) is the Pacific Wealthbuilders Investment Club. I'm sure you'd be welcome to join them. If you live elsewhere, you may wish to consider starting one. Let me know, and I can give you some pointers for resources (starting with "ChicksLayingNestEggs.com" - some women in Calgary, I think.
    Jennifer said...
    I would recommend taking a Financial Peace University class. It covers many of the financial topics you mentioned. (You can find one near you buy checking on Dave Ramsey's website.) Also, Dave Ramsey is supposed to be starting on a business finance t.v. show tonight on Fox. :)
    mariam said...
    Well, #3 is easy enough to fix. I just use a cheat sheet whenever I read financial statements to pinpoint what I'm mainly interested in. Eventually, I'll get it through my thick skull :)

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