And I don't want to! Ohhhhhhh it just make me anxious to think about it because Sept. was a month of almost NO income, which meant that our work trip had to go on credit cards.....

My gut reaction is to stick my head in the sand but that is why I started this blog so I CAN'T do that! Must be honest, it is the only way to keep on track for better or worse.

But.... I am not going to do it tonight, I am not sure yet where we are at because I am still setting up online access to the new bank accounts... But here it is- a big mental post it note- MUST POST MONTHLY PROGRESS TOMORROW!

BTW I am very impressed with you all out there, a few who are inspirations at the monthly goals (and sticking to them!!!) are:
1. Krystal (I can see why she paid off her debt so fast- she really is good at setting and meeting goals!)
2. Louise (who also always posts how much interest she is saving)
3. SavingDiva (Who seems to be meeting and exceeding her goals) and
4. Dimples (Meeting her goal for her EF for $3000! great work!)


  1. Dimples said...
    Thanks for the mention. No worries on September. That was the past and here is a new month. Hopefully this month you can bring in enough to handle bills for Sept and Oct.
    SavingDiva said...
    Thanks for the shout out! I think we've all had horrible months (look at my August round-up)...but the important thing is that you face it.
    JW said...
    I subscribe and follow all the blogs that you've mentioned, including your s and you are all an inspiration and motivation to me.

    Congrats to you all!!

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