Free food

Woohoo I got a free dinner out tonight! I started volunteering my time for a local public interest group and the first meeting was tonight. So far so good- interesting and diverse group, and pretty laid back. They meet in the late afternoon to go through business, and end with dinner at the restaurant we meet. I knew we were staying for dinner, but did not realize they were paying. I have volunteered for groups before where we met at a restaurant and then had to pay my own tab so this was great. Next meeting I will be giving a short talk on climate change. Although this is an area I work in, the focus will be different for this group and I am looking forward to learning something new. Typically I look at climate impacts to the forest, but the focus of my talk will be how forestry can reduce its impact on climate change.

It has been awhile since I have volunteered but I am happy I made myself try this.

My update on finances is almost done, but I am waiting for one visa statement before I post. I have Quicken updated so I want to take a good look at our budget and see where we can improve.


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