Wedding ring

In May I lost my wedding ring :( I keep hoping it is going to turn up in the house. I had lost it before because it was a bit too big, and slipped off when my hands were wet and cold. Previous places it turned up were in the dryer, in a cooking pot (at the bottom of some liquid), and once, in a snowbank which we had to search through. Why I didn't get it resized after the snow bank I don't know, it was dumb of me.

My ring is mostly the sentimental value though- we bought it after I proposed to Mr W (I had a custom ring made for him). The ring I choose had a beautiful piece of Arizona turquoise in it, and was made by a local artist in Arizona where we were living. Total cost $100.

I would really like to have a ring, and feel a little unmarried at times when I am out, although I shouldn't, it is more a symbol. And I miss my ring!!!

I am not sure what to do next. A friend suggested another hand made ring bought here where we are living now, around the same price range. I see the cost of some wedding rings these days and realize if I am prone to losing my ring I had better not ever spend $1000's of dollars on one! I guess I am still hoping that one day I may move a piece of furniture and find my ring somewhere in the house. Maybe :) But I am beginning to lose hope....


  1. Louise said...
    Can you get back in touch with the person who made it? Maybe they could make something similar.
    It's nice to have something different.
    I think a lot of the traditional rings are overpriced really, they can charge incredible price for just about anything related to weddings as people tend to go a bit nuts and blow the budget.
    awalker said...
    My sympathies - I bought my husband an engagement ring when we first got together. He kept taking it off, and leaving it in dumb places.

    Eventually it completely disappeared, and we suspect that our kitten ate it :-(
    Dimples said...
    Watch it turn up in the weirdest place when you least expect it. Did you back track your steps? Try looking in the places you didn't think to look because you thought it just couldn't be there.

    I hope you find it.
    SavingDiva said...
    I'm sorry to hear about your ring loss...that would really suck! :) I agree with Louise...try to track down the artist...
    Anonymous said...
    I lost the diamond out of my engagement ring 30 years ago. I still hope that it will turn up. Very unlikely as I think that it came out while I was kneading bread dough and the bread was for a bake sale. Someone got a good deal when they bought that loaf of bread. It may have passed unnoticed. (pun intended)

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