I love my boots!

Oh man my boots are the best. $190 was worth it to keep my feet dry and warm. Last month I was out working in the cold in the mountains with just my regular hiking shoes and I was miserable because my feet were wet and cold all day. And the new boots can grip almost anything. First day I had them we were tromping uphill in 15 cm of snow, over logs and brush.

No bear sightings yet though (fingers crossed). We have one more day today. Yesterday we saw signs- turned up logs, scratching on trees- so we all were being loud and calling every 5 minutes as we walked through the trees.

Amazing country! When the clouds lifted yesterday we were high up on the mountain looking at some spectacular ranges in the Monashees. Gorgeous!

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  1. SavingDiva said...
    Good boots are totally worth the investment! I need to purchase a pair for this upcoming winter...

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