There is snow in the mountains where we are working at 1200 m elevation! We are working in steep mountainous terrain, quite beautiful, but it is going to be a tough slog through the bush. Yesterday we went and scouted out the sights we need to go today. We are waiting right now for the rest of our crew to show up and then we head up into the snow.

Mr W didn't buy the knife. We talked to some locals and they had said the grizzlies should be pretty docile right now, since they were full of berries and thinking of hibernation. Unlike in the spring when they are hungry for meat :) We already have bear spray and bear bangers to ward of bears. Bear bangers are things you fire off, much like a flare gun, above the bear's head, making a loud bang, and hopefully scaring it off. The knife was insurance; in case of an attack, a knife helps you to fight back. Ugh, terrible to think of! Eventually Mr W would like a gun for territory like this, where bears are a big concern.

We did have to buy some workboots for me though. After seeing the kickass terrain we will be going through today I needed something with more grip that will keep my feet very warm. Boots cost $190 with tax. I had better use them often!!!


  1. krystalatwork said...
    The BF also wants to get a gun because he's often in that area. Once we saw a bear in our camp area in the middle of the night, and we had to hide in the cab of his truck until it left!
    Anonymous said...
    and there was me worried when a frog jumped in our hall last week!!
    SavingDiva said...
    I don't think I could handle bears...Snakes freak me out!

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