Free $25 gift certificate

Nancy is giving away a $25 gift certificate to one lucky participant of Meal Planning Month who sticks to the plan all of November and posts about their plan AND progress once a week. That is great incentive for us all to plan ahead for our meals, eat healthier and save some money for Christmas shopping. Those who still want to join please do, it is not too late. Deadline for eligibility for the gift certificate will have to be midnight tomorrow, but anyone can join after Nov. 1 if they wish (but not be eligible- I may have to think of a late comers prize!).

It is certainly ok too if you are planning ahead to go out to eat- the goal, in my mind, is to encourage us to eat home more and to prepare healthy food. For example, my goal is to decrease our eating out budget and stick to our eating in grocery budget; all too often if I have not planned I opt for the easy food, take out, or restaurant. I am not too sure of our hard and fast rules. I say if you make an effort to meal plan and know ahead of time you will be eating out- ok! Tell everyone and make that part of your plan.

Speaking of food- my friends have made moose stew for dinner. Fresh fresh fresh moose which they got hunting last week. I am not a hunter, but I enjoy the meat when I am at their place and the stew smells wonderful!

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  1. VixenOnABudget said...
    I'm so excited about starting. I've been collecting recipes and formulating ideas.

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