First Meal Planning Post

Vixen on a Budget is the first to post for Meal Planning Month. She has some great ideas, so go over and get inspired. But come back shortly to finish reading this post J

I am extending the deadline for Meal Planning Month participation until Saturday at midnight. Wpersonalfinance is going to post about Meal Planning Month today, so I don't want to exclude new participants. I have been away so I apologize for not getting this post in to the network sooner.

So there are now 3 more days to join. Leave a comment or email me: to join the challenge, and remember, there is a $25 gift certificate from Nancy for a successful participant.

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  1. Kacie said...
    Hi there! Count me in for the Meal Planning Month challenge. I already do this (started a few weeks ago) but I'm constantly looking for ways to improve.

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