My first big contract

I just got the call... and my proposal for a large project was accepted! Woohoo! This is my first big project as Project Manager- I have been largely subcontracting to other companies up to this point. I have some excellent colleagues working on the project with me, so although I am nervous, I know I can do it and can rely on their support. In addition, it means Mr W., as business partner, will have some fall forestry field work too, so he will be happy when he hears the news (I just left him a message on his cell). It also means I am comfortably set for work until March. Anything else I decide to do is gravy, I got my bread and butter.

Thanks for all your comments re: readers and feeds. I will add the feedburner link this weekend. I opted for Krystal's suggestion to read blogs in my email program, which is Thunderbird. Then I have it in one place.


  1. Mr. Cheap said...
    Way to go! Its all coming up Wooly!!!
    Louise said...
    thats great news! good on you and glad mr wooly will benefit as well.
    four.pillars said...
    Way to go WW!

    Sounds like a great step forward!

    krystalatwork said...
    Congrats, that's awesome!!!!
    JW said...

    This is really good news.
    Anonymous said...
    Great news!
    mariam said...
    Go Woolies!

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