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So I am still a bit ignorant about blogging and I am wondering if anyone has an opinion on the best way to keep updated on everyone's blogs. It is kind of fun to bounce around to blogs from my links list, but I know this is not very efficient, and I am starting to get behind in my reading a bit. I added a few blogs to Google Reader last week just to see what would happen, but are there other readers I should use? Also, I see some people are able to keep track of how many people subscribe to their feed- is this part of any particular readers?


  1. four.pillars said...
    Hi there, I use Google Reader. I don't think you need more than one reader. I've never tried any others.

    To track your feed you need to set up an account with feedburner. It's not a bad idea to put a feedburner icon on your page(so people can add u to their reader easily).

    Just for the record, your current feed url is:

    mariam said...
    I use RSS Bandit. I prefer a desktop client versus a web client because I don't feel like logging in all the time :)

    As to how people know how many people subscribe to their feeds, they sign up with Feedburner.

    If you want to know about your stats, trending and such, you should also look into Google Analytics. All you would need to do is sign up, and add a block of code onto your web page.

    It's fun to look this stuff up but it also made me a bit neurotic, lol :)
    krystalatwork said...
    I use Google Reader too, but I also subscribe via Microsoft Outlook at work (so I can read everyone's posts and make it look like I'm reading e-mail, lol) ... I think Google is the best one out of any of the web-based readers.

    Also, agreed on Feedreader and Google Analytics!!
    Louise said...
    I am having the same problem, I enjoy lots of blogs and it is taking more time as I discover more interesting blogs.

    I have just started reading some with google reader and others I subscibe to by email.
    Jerry said...
    Google Reader fan here, and 750+ RSS items to read :(
    I love how it's accessible anywhere there's internet, AND it has "offline" feature to use on airplane, or places without internet

    Use FeedBurner, yes

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