Monthly round up for August

Rounding up the monthly financial details.

The good:
1. Initiated the lengthy process of switching our bank accounts to the local credit union which will save us at least $240 in bank fees every year.
2. Met with a financial planner for the first time and started thinking about our retirement. If we can pay off our debt in 4 years we should be in good shape to retire. Mr Wooly should be able to retire at age 60 and I should be able to retire at age 55.
3. Mr W reduced his credit card interest a further 2%.

The bad:
1. The plane ticket we had bought for Mr W when he thought he would be working in Prince George is not paid off and is sitting on my credit card for $597 (we cancelled the flight and now have a credit, minus a $40 cancellation fee). Once I am paid for my consulting work the company will buy this off though because I have an upcoming trip I can use the ticket for.
2. Mr W's credit card reduced its balance by only $100.
3. I found out that I had underestimated one of my student loan debts by about $3k. I have adjusted our total debt accordingly in the sidebar.
4. NONE of my invoices have been paid for July, and the university owes me $$ for June. I sit and wait.

The ugly (hahaha, a la one of Mr W's favourite movies):
1. Because of erratic paycheques and visitors and lack of self control our budget has been stomped upon, thrashed about and completely ignored.

The solution:
September is a time for new beginnings. Time to try and get back on track with our debt repayments, which means sticking to the budget dammit! But oh did we enjoy our dinner last night.... gotta do it for special occasions once in awhile....


  1. four.pillars said...
    The important thing is to keep at it!

    You'll always get sidetracked here or there - no biggie.

    nancyz said...
    I'm reading this great book right now called "The Now Habit", about overcoming procrastination. One of the tools is exactly what you pointed out -- instead of focusing on the Finished Product in Ideal Land, focus on 'what can I do, right now, to start (back) in a good direction'?
    Dimples said...
    LOL @ the ugly.

    Keep going. We fall down but we get up. You guys are doing great.
    paidtwice said...
    You can do it! Just keep at it and little by little it gets easier... or at least... simpler. lol
    SavingDiva said...
    I have a hard time sticking to my budget too. Right now, I'm trying to overestimate all of my costs, so that I will be under budget

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