Back from lovely vacation

I am taking one more day for vacation, then have a long list of tasks at work I need to tackle, but will start that tomorrow. Today I am getting the house in order, looking at the finances, and hoping the sun will pop out soon. I brought back peaches from the warm Okanagan and if I have time I am also going to get these canned.

Two years ago Mr W. and I were married. We had driven up from Arizona where we were living at the time and enjoyed a week of preparations and visiting with friends and family. Our wedding was in the afternoon, outside at my parents place, in their lovely gardens. We had a brief rain shower during the ceremony, which apparently means a wealthy marriage :) We working on it! Our wedding was pretty casual, with a buffet taco bar, games for the kids, and a cake shaped like a log (in honour of our forestry vocations), and cupcakes made by a good friend.

I married a man with a very good, and very big heart. I married him because he makes me laugh, doesn't let much bother him, and has an endless patience and enjoyment in life.

We are working together trying to clean up our finances right now, and I am so proud of our progress not only in terms of dollars, but also in the ways we are learning to communicate.

In honour of today we are going to head out for dinner to a nice restaurant overlooking the ocean. It is usually a little beyond our means, but we are going to treat ourselves tonight.


  1. mariam said...
    Happy anniversary! Hope you have fun!
    Mr. Cheap said...
    a taco bar! I love it!!! If I ever get married I hope my wife will let me have a taco bar. I think that'd be the only thing I'd ask for for the wedding...

    I actually *do* have a dream wedding, and you've inspired me to write it up as a post! :-)
    four.pillars said...
    Enjoy your dinner.

    hmmm... Mr. Cheap's dream wedding...I can hardly wait!

    SavingDiva said...
    Have a nice dinner out!

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