Hahaha, so come on people subscribe away! I got the nifty widgets up and running and I believe all to be well. Thanks for the advice from all of you pointing me to feedburner!

I also signed up with pfblogs.org. I've Paid Twice Already mentioned that a lot of her readers bounced from here last month so I went and checked it out- amazing, I had no idea there were so many amazing PF blogs! I signed up for free, but added the random pfblogroll to my sidebar, which qualifies me for 3 months of subscription if I get it together to email them and tell them about it.


  1. mariam said...
    Yay! Congrats! I had already subscribed to your Blogger feed and I think you can redirect your Blogger feed to Feedburner for comprehensive stats. I don't see why not as they are both owned by Google. In any case, I think you have lots of subscribers already! :)

    Have fun cuz oh it's addictive always checking, lol :)
    paidtwice said...
    I signed up too. :) Thanks for mentioning me! And pfblogs.org will give you new visits I promise :)
    Dimples said...
    Nice!! :-D

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