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With Mr Wooly gone I find myself much busier, part of my time taken up by keeping the house and pets under control, so I have not had time to post.

Mr Wooly has made the decision to stay up north for the next 6 weeks or so. We have a contract to finish in Sept., and, as I said before, he has resumes out for forestry jobs, so this timeline seems reasonable. We plan to squirrel away as much as we can in that 6 week period. This is what I plan to do:
1. Track every dollar spent on his travel, food and accomodation over the 6 weeks.
2. With the money coming in, cover (1) first since that is what some of the $$ is for.
3. Partially catch up on the debt snowball payment we missed this month (so far anyway) and make sure we are back on track to pay off the credit card by Sept.
4. Continue to stick to the budget otherwise and make the usual debt snowball payment ($800) every month as planned.
5. Put any extra $$ into the ING Savings account for the time being. This will make it harder for us to access, but, if Mr Wooly's work situation does get more stable, allow us to make a lump sum payment onto our debt.

As for my work, I found out this week I was awarded another contract! This contract was part of one I worked on earlier this year, and we received the money for the next phase. I am working with a great group of strong women colleagues on this project, and am thrilled we get to continue on. We are all in our 30's and all love scotch whiskey, so it should be quite the project :) My current state of work is:
1. Main project- Project # 1, 3-4 days a week, July-Nov. 30.
2. Project #2- 3 days, end of Jul
3. Project #3- 10-12 days total, July-Nov.
4. Project #4- 10 days total, Aug.-Jan. 30.
5. Project #5- 7-10 days, Sept.
6. Potential project #6 (we hear Monday if we get to the 2nd proposal stage)- 50 days total, Jan. 2008-Mar. 2009.
And 4-5 days a month I also still have a postdoc.

Much to do, especially I am taking 2 weeks off in August and Sept!


  1. krystalatwork said...
    Sounds like you're going to be busy with contract work!! That's fab, congrats! :)
    Louise said...
    hey thats great that you have another contract lined up! once you get started with one job it usually leads to more work and more contacts. your budget plan/snowball payment sounds very good.

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