Farm weekend

Spent a lovely weekend away from home and touring several farms and wineries with my family. It was a nice mini-vacation for the weekend, and since it was rainy, way better than sitting at home watching rain drops.

On Saturday I toured round to many of the local farms and filled up with the first corn of the season, tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers (these last three from a greenhouse). Also visited a new cidery called Sea Cider. They make their own unique cider right here on the island and were having their grand opening complete with tastings and appetizers. Mmmm. Made a couple of stops to two wineries as well (I wasn't driving my mom was and she was participating in the tastings minimally). Really enjoyed Winchester Cellars, and wee local winery nestled into rustic looking buildings behind the Barking Dog Vineyard (love the name). And Sunday on my way home I bought fresh local chicken and bison to make the weekend complete and the fridge full.

But it really got me dreaming again. Mr Wooly and I have been talking about wanting to have a vineyard and winery. My parents are keen on this too and we may eventually all invest in property to realize this dream. Winchester is still very small, about the size we will start out as. Of course we don't yet have the necessary training! My dad has been making wine for years but wants to learn more before he is comfortable doing anything commercially.

All motivation to stick to the debt reduction. In the next few weeks here I am going to be able to pay things down some more, yay! I was telling my parents about our progress, partly because they are next in the debt payoff line, and partly so they know we have our stuff together. Anyway, I feel pretty good we have paid of $10k so far this year and going to keep going.

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  1. Louise said...
    Oh this sounds lovely... so relaxing! and an inexpensive mini vacation as well.what does bison taste like and how do you cook it? Is it tough to eat?

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