I use PearBudget at the moment. Once I have tracked my expenses in Quicken for a full month I am going to probably transfer over this program, and may revise the numbers here a bit. For the moment here is what we spend:

Regular Expenses

Mortgage = $1,512.00

phone bill = $64.50

insurance = $148.63

cell = $62.00

cable = $105.00

savings = $175.00

hydro = $90.00

union = $28.00

loans = $2,475.00

medical = $96.00

total = $4,756.13

Irregular Expenses

car maint. = $60.00

gifts = $50.00

taxes/water = $14.00

total = $124.00

Variable Expenses

Housecare = $30.00

Groceries = $500.00

dining out = $100.00

car gas = $180.00

pet food = $70.00

clothes = $30.00

sports = $80.00

garden = $50.00

entertainment = $75.00

total = $1,115.00

Grand Total = $5,995.13

One reason I need to revisit this is I know that we don't spend as much as we have budgeted in some areas, while in others we spend more.

Right now we each are bringing home around $3,000 a month, take home pay, for a total of about $6,000. To be honest I made more than this before I quit my job to start a PhD. However, the potential to earn more is there. In April we paid off some of our debt when we realized that I had earned more than anticipated. The $3k a month is a minimum level which means I can sustain myself during times of no work. Mr. Wooly also can make more welding, but not forestry.

Anyway we can meet this budget and still put $800 extra each month towards debt repayment.

This budget is truly a reflection of compromise and cooperation though in our marriage :) Mr Wooly and I have slightly different spending priorities, so this budget allows us to pursue our hobbies while still paying down debt. For example, see the sports category for Mr Wooly and the garden category for me :)

Also, my business is not currently paying its share of the house utility bills, such as high speed internet (which is a necessity). In the coming months the business will start contributing more in this area, which may allow us to put more towards debt.


  1. Mr. Cheap said...
    Looks like you've got a nice cable package there! :-)
    Why do you consider the savings an expense?
    Were you making more then $6K before your PhD or more the $3K? If you were making more then $6K (this is all after taxes I assume) what were you doing and are they hiring?
    Wooly Woman said...
    Uh yeah, I refer all inquiries about our cable package to Mr Wooly. There was no movement on that item, but there is peace in our house. That does include internet too.

    Savings contributions aren't really an expense, I just keep them in there to make sure I account for the monthly payments into RRSPs and mutual funds.

    And no, I made more than $3k per month pre-PHD, not the whole $6k after taxes :) Yikes, $6k a month would be very nice!
    Louise said...
    I agree with you about the compromise, otherwise it gets to frustrating, I found it interesting that my hubby's hobby is his sport and mine the garden (once the snow stops) too.

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