What's up with the title not working here on blogger? It won't let me enter this title: My First Meme.

Krystal at Give Me Back My Five Bucks tagged me to tell 8 random things about me.
1. I have 3 cats and two dogs. They are all named after plant names, and not just the common name, but the scientific/botanical name. Each name has been shortened to make it easier for us all to pronounce daily.
2. I hate licorice.
3. My best friend lives over 900 kms from where I live. We have lived in the same town for only 2 of the 9 years since we have known each other. We talk almost every night on the phone, and sometimes more than once a day.
4. I met my husband one cold snowy New Years Eve 3 years ago.
5. My favourite colour is purple, but sometimes pink.
6. I used to be able to remember phone numbers and names a whole lot better tan I can now, which I attribute to the mind wrenching experience of completing a phd. Really, the short-term detail oriented memory has disappeared.
7. I once hopped a freight train to travel between Jasper Alberta and Prince George BC.
8. I never (ok rarely) ever pass on chain letters or emails. I like to receive, I just do not continue the forward motion. I am the one who people tag as "Least likely to respond to this email." For that reason, I am not tagging anyone for this meme, but thanks for including me!

PS... about 10 mins later: Holy crap! I was tagged twice for this meme and didn't even now it. A new blog to me Domestic Deficit also tagged me. I have some catch up reading to do over there.. and so far an interesting read.


  1. Louise said...
    I was just about to tag you too. good thing I checked, how does it feel to be so popular?
    krystalatwork said...
    The title thing wasn't working for me too, but if you just hit "save post" and then go into the menu where you can see a list of all your posts ... and click "edit" to the one you just saved ... it should let you input a title after the first try or two. It's super annoying, and I hope Blogger fixes it soon!

    p.s. I also hate licorice ... but only black licorice. I could eat the red stuff all the live long day.

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