I bought Quicken XG today. I want to do a bit of business financial planning here for the next 9-12 months, and I have been wanting some accounting software. Quicken XG says it is going to meet both my personal and home business financial needs, and it was the same price as QuickBooks, the small business software.

What I like about Quicken so far is that it is streamlined, and, with a few exceptions, pretty easy to use. I have used Quickbooks before- Mom trained me as a bookkeeper for the family business while I was a teenager and I have helped out since over the years- and I have found it has too much information for my smaller businesses. I think Quicken will be tailored to my currently simple business structure while at the same time allowing me to use one program for all finances.

One thing I like is how easily I can check our personal spending habits month to month! This should help us refine our budget more too.

One thing I don't like is that the built in Debt Reduction planner is not linked properly into the main area where accounts are tracked, so I have to enter in the same information on my loans twice. Once to track in Quicken, and once in the Debt Reduction planner. Too much work, my Excel Debt Snowball sheet currently does this better.

Overall however, a very well spent $112 by the company.


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