It is Friday afternoon and I am about ready to go for a dog walk in the sun.

First I thought I would just write a bit about a few general things. The first is trivial: I took my To Do List down, it was irritating me. They generally do after about a week if there are items remaining. The non-priority tasks- the ones which are being put on the back burner now I have contract work again- may be on the list for awhile.

After finding my financial status more stable, Mr Wooly's financial status has become less certain. His work is cyclical and he is not working right now. Trouble is that he really hates his job as a welder so I am trying to encourage him to seek other ways to earn income while he is off work. He loves forestry but gets frustrated that it pays very little to those starting out. Last summer he was working for a third of what he makes as a welder. As someone who is in their 40's he was finding this hard to take.

Nevertheless he sent out one forestry resume this week after we worked hard to polish it up and make it sound more professional. We focussed on the fact that he has 19 years experience- just not in forestry. This makes him a quick learner, and someone with good interpersonal skills, something that could make him more employable.

We are also looking at building a website and finding wholesale golf items to sell as a sideline. Mr Wooly knows golf, we have some ideas about how to make it affordable for the average person.

So that is about it for today, if I don't post on the weekend have a good one! Enjoy that summer weather if you have it where you live.


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