I just found out I got a large contract for work I had bid on a month ago. The work will run from July-Nov. I am already putting in several proposals for work after November so this work will bridge the gap. I also have a few other paid projects I am working on (a few days each) and my postdoc. I was trying not to worry, but I inherited the worry gene from my mom and grandmother, so that was pretty much impossible.

I will have to check my business account, but I think this means I can afford to purchase a new work computer, which is sorely needed. Whenever I can, I have to sneak on to Mr Wooly's computer which runs better than mine right now.



  1. Louise said...
    congrats on getting the contract!
    Krystal said...
    That's awesome!!! I'm excited that you were able to get a nice contract all the way until November. I hope you end up getting those gigs after November too. Keeping my fingers crossed!

    I just bought a new computer in March for my side business, and I can't imagine how I lived with using my old one. :)
    JW said...
    Congratulations on getting the contract.

    I think I have that same gene that you mention.

    Good Luck on finding the right PC.

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