I hate Rogers

We changed our long distance service from Rogers to Telus in January. Why? I just wanted one phone bill that really is all. I save a bit of money too, which is always important.

Every month since January I have received a bill with new monthly charges for long distance from Rogers. That's right, for the service we have not had since January.

Every month I call and complain and they refund the amount. They also insist the problem is taken care of, give me their name and extension # and apologize profusely for the mix up. This happens EVERY MONTH. I have been on hold talking to various reps for over an hour trying to sort it out, and it still happens.

The bill came in the mail again yesterday, and yes a new charge of $31.22 is on the bill for a long distance service we don't have.

My new tactic is this: I am going to post the bill on the fridge and ignore it (barring any letters threatening my credit score) until they call me. Rogers is really good about calling the day after a bill is due and is unpaid. So this time, instead of wasting time on the phone I am going to let them call me to try and tell me I need to pay for a service I don't have.

Will let you know if this works :)


  1. Krystal said...
    Hi, thanks for linking to my site. :) I've done the same and linked to you on mine as well.

    I can't believe after all these months of canceled service, you're still getting bills from Rogers for service you didn't even use with them! Can't wait to hear what happens when they call you to try and get the bill paid. :)
    SavingDiva said...
    I can't believe that you have to deal with that month after month! I hope you finally get this straightened out. I'm sure it is very frustrating.

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