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Mr. Wooly and I have been a one car family for about a year now. For the most part it has been great- we have made small sacrifices but have managed well. However, he has been increasingly working out of town the past few months, in most cases needing the vehicle not only to get there but to also get to the job sites once there (he is a welder in the industrial sector). This has left me and my two big dogs at home without a vehicle from time to time, and since I work from home by myself I occasionally feel very isolated without the chance to jump in the car and visit some of my friends and family not within walking distance.

So father in law has come to the rescue! Father Wooly (ha ha, he would appreciate that, but has no computer to read this) bought himself a new-used Ford Ranger and is giving us his old Ford Ranger so we can have 2 vehicles! Yay!!! He is so sweet to do this, and has been quite concerned about me being home without a car while Mr. Wooly is away. The truck will require some maintenance within the next few months which we will need to save for, but is running as is right now. It will also be more fuel efficient than our Nissan Xterra which we use in our forestry work, but is a V6, so if Mr Wooly or I have to commute north or south on the island for work we will be saving a lot of money there.

Sometimes life does work out and lends you a helping hand does it not? Thanks Father Wooly!!

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  1. Krystal said...
    WOW! A free Ford Ranger? That's awesome!

    Forestry work on an island? I think you live in the same area as me. :)

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