November money blues

Blech to westcoast rain. Don't get me wrong, I like winter here better than in the interior of BC because I am not a fan of snow for months on end (I like little bits at a time), it is just gray here and I miss the summer sun. I WISH we could go to Hawaii again, but we are not financially able to right now.

As can happen with self-employment we are currently into our line of credit with the business and waiting for about $13k in money owed to us. These times make me very anxious. In fact work wise everything is uncertain; neither Mr W or I have contracts lined up for the next few months. There are a few possibilities but nothing signed and sealed for sure.

Also I am carrying a balance of about $5k on a credit card that had a low interest rate (3.99%) on it. The 9 month period of this low rate is over and I need to call and convert the credit card to a lower interest option of about 9%. It is on my to do list, and now on my blog so maybe this will light a fire under my butt to get this done!


  1. Jerry said...
    Waiting for reimbursement is always scary and leads to some nerves. There just is no insurance that they will come through in a timely manner, and it can drive you nuts! Here's hoping that everything goes smoothly.
    JW said...
    I hope everything turns out alright! Good Luck

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