Which stocks would you pick?

I have signed up for the Financial Post's Stockstar Challenge. It is a free online challenge where you sign up and are given $100,000 in play money to invest. The stocks are real, it is like you are playing the stock market with none of the risk.

I started a few days ago, and have made a few thousand dollars. Not bad considering I don't know what I am doing, and the stock market is down again today. Of course, some people have $800,000 in their portfolio now, they are obviously much better stock pickers than I!

I thought I would share what I have bought and why, and ask others what they would recommend for me to try (risk free!!!).
1. Apple - Vista is soooooo bad, I think Mac is gaining ground, and the ipod just rocks.
2. Microsoft - despite its troubles today it seems to be gaining ground
3. Potash Corp. - finanical news says this company which produces fertilizers is doing well
4. Suncor - this is an oil company in Alberta, and I don't think the oil sand boom is over, just slowing
5. WalMart, Costco and Canadian Tire - because in these times of financial woe, these guys are going to be busy
6. Tim Horton's - just to see - the drive thru is always busy here
7. Verizon Wireless - these guys have a great network and passable customer service, and I wanted a cell company
8. Johnson and Johnson and BMO - the financial bloggers have had success with these
9. AIG - because it was a BARGAIN and is getting bailed out
10. Wachovia - because today it was gaining rapidly

So there you go, kind of random, and definitely more random than if it was MY $100k.


  1. JW said...
    I would buy Ford stock at $2.03.

    Ford Motor will never fail.
    jpkittie said...
    too funny - my suggestion is ford as well...
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