Diaper dilemma

Talk about good intentions. I have the cloth diapers. I have the cloth diaper pail. I know how to use the cloth diapers. I like the cloth diapers. I know how much money I save with the cloth diapers. I am just having a little trouble USING the cloth diapers :)

Let's face it, I am lazy when it comes to cloth diapers. It is just easier to use disposable. And only marginally easier. I just don't have to do the extra laundry.

I can come up with excuses to not use a cloth diaper during the day:
I am going out, I should use a disposable
The baby is going to nap, I should use a disposable
Oops I forgot to put a cloth diaper on, too late!

Last week I found out about flushable or compostable diapers. Seems like a nice compromise- easy disposal with less environmental impacts. However, it is more costly than my current disposable diapers. Right now I am paying $13.99 for 60 diapers from WalMart, whereas the flushable diapers are $19.99 for 40.

Do I:
1.Pay more for the environmentally sound option of flushable diapers?
2.Continue to save some money and use WalMart brand diapers?
3.Save LOTS of money and get over my laziness and use the cloth diapers?

That is my dilemma. Right now I am opting for 2, hoping for inspiration to go for option 3, and considering trying out 1 just to see if I like it or not.

Good thing about all this is that baby doesn't care. As long as he is changed every few hours he seems pretty happy.


  1. nancy (aka money coach) said...
    I'll make you a deal - if you use cloth diapers, for tomorrow only, I'll make my lunch and bring it to work. Both instances save money, better for the environment and I think we'll both discover it's more doable than we think. But just for one day, then we can revert to our old ways ;)
    (ps. I'm delighting in reading your posts about you new little guy)
    Wooly Woman said...
    Deal! I can do it tomorrow (I think I can I think I can I think I can) if you can make your lunch (although I think you are getting a better deal hahahaha).
    An ostrich named Sam said...
    When I had my daughter almost 16 years ago, I used cloth diapers when I was home. It was a bit of a pain @ first but when I realized how much money it was saving me, I changed my tune really quick! I spent less that $200.00 in 1 year for the diapers,plastic bottoms, hot water, laundry soap, and a diaper pail. I also had a blue coloured powder that I added to the bucket. At that time a bag of disposable diapers would go on sale for around $20.00. I would use these when we went out in public and that didn't happen too often! At that time I was bringing home 200.00 biweekly for maternity benefits. Cloth diapers take getting used to, but if you can stick with it its so much better! there is something about seeing a clothes line filled with diapers that will evoke memories for lots of people around you( if you have one). I wish you luck and perseverance, like the little train who could!
    Cassie said...
    I say use the cloth diapers since you already have all of the supplies necessary. That's just my opinion though! :)

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