Life with the Wooly Babe is excellent. We have moved from the sleep deprived stage where we walked around saying "What just happened?" which lasted about 3 weeks as we all got used to each other. Wooly Babe has started our training well though and we have moved into the sleep deprived stage where are wooed by his smiles, coos, giggles, and yes, even his crying. In short, we are madly in love with him, as was his plan. What he doesn't know is that he had us completely enthralled from the moment we laid eyes on him!

We even have a small routine working right now (touch wood). I am able to gauge his feeds throughout the day, which are about every 2 hours, with a 3 hour period in the afternoon when he has a longer nap. Evenings are pretty good. We had our first real bedtime with him yesterday with a bath, story, and then bedtime where he slept until midnight. Mr W does a bottle feed at midnight and then I feed again anywhere from 4 to 6 am.

And we have been getting out! At first we just drove around a lot, drinking a lot of drive thru coffee (our latte factor was high in July), but now we actually get out and go for walks and visit people. A friend and I took our two babies to the beach yesterday for a picnic quite successfully.

So all good, and I was able to fit in writing this post, which is great, I may be able to think up some finance related content other than latte factors for next post :) Thanks for all your well wishes from the last post when he was just born!


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