We did it!

I just made my last payment on one of my debt snowball loans for $119.63, so as of tomorrow we will be down yet another loan! This loan was a leftover debt consolidation loan of mine from the horribly badly managed financial years when I was doing my MSc. I bought and lived on a tug for awhile, sold the tug, lost some money, made some bad financial decisions, didn't keep up with my taxes. Lived beyond my means to say the least. Saved nothing.

One less monkey on my back, yay!


  1. Debt Dieter said...
    Congratulations, what great news! I'm so close to paying off another card myself, but have to wait til next month for my own yee-ha moment, so I'll bask in your success in the meantime! :-)
    Gamer Girl said...
    Cograts! That's excellent. Great work.
    Mr. Cheap said...

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